ofrino’s team brings together over 30 years of experience of accredited APROA-BRK restorers in conservation and restoration of paintings on canvas, panel and other modern supports. Established in the Netherlands with workplaces in Brussels and Moscow, Sofrino works together with its partner atelier In-finitas, located in Halle. Sofrino’s clientele ranges from local governments to museums, institutional collectors such as the Belgian National Lottery as well as private collectors from Europe and abroad. In addition to its restoration activities, Sofrino is increasingly providing collectors across the EU and the Russian Federation with art advice services.

The company’s full list of restoration,scientific analysis, research and art advice services include:

Conservation and restoration of paintings on canvas and wooden support
Restoration of frames, gilding, gold leaf, wood carving
Framing advice and passe-partout
Packaging and transport services
Conservation and restoration of polychromed objects
Conservation and restoration of works on paper
Cross-section analysis of paint layers
Dendrochronological analysis
Art historical and provenance research
X-ray analysis of paint layers and support
Infrared and ultraviolet photography
Microscopic examinations
Providing advice on trends and investments
Preparation of condition reports and damage claims
Authentication and valuation services
Providing purchase, sales and collection management advice


Liza Leslie
Principal Restorer
  • Country of birth

    Russian Federation
  • Education

    MA in Conservation and Restoration of Easel Paintings, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp (University of Antwerp) BA in Art History, York University, Toronto (CA) MA in International Economics and Finance, Brandeis University, Boston (USA)
    Accredited member of APROA-BRK
  • Spoken languages

    English, Russian, Dutch, French
Linda Smismans
Principal Restorer
  • Country of birth

  • Education

    BA in Conservation and Restoration of Easel Paintings, Anderlecht Academy of Fine Arts, Brussels (BE)
    MA in Art History, University of Brussels, Brussels (BE)
  • Spoken languages

    English, Dutch, French