Condition Reports and Damage Claims

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Condition report


 condition report provides information regarding the state of the painting and, if appropriate, required interventions listed in order of importance. As such, it serves as a reference for future valuations and/or sale of a painting, in addition to helping collectors decide which interventions or scientific analysis to have done on the painting.

Following initial examination of a painting in situ or in the atelier, Sofrino can produce a condition report consisting of two parts. The first part of the report will contain a detailed description of the current condition of the painting, including results acquired from scientific research such as IR, X-ray, UV and macro photography images. This part of the report will also touch upon the painting’s history, provenance and, if possible, authenticity. The second part of the report will set out a summary of proposed treatments for the painting, ranging from preventive conservation measures, scientific analysis, to the proposed restoration interventions. All proposed treatments will be paired with cost estimates. If the client chooses to have the painting restored, a third part will be added containing a detailed description of all treatments accompanied by photographic evidence.

Damage claims

A damage claim is formulated and substantiated on the basis of a detailed condition report. With a damage claim, additional emphasis is placed on the expected loss in value of the painting as a result of the damage. The claim will be paired with indication of the expected restoration costs which in turn will enable the insurance company to assess whether the cost of restoration plus diminution in value exceeds the estimated value of the piece. Furthermore, on the basis of the damage observed, an indication will be given as to the circumstances of how the damage was caused (i.e. during packaging, shipping, exhibition, etc.). This will help in establishing liability.

With damaged works of art, it is often vital to mitigate damage as soon as possible. Basic conservation and restoration measures can prevent rapid and continuous deterioration which could lead to considerably more damage and related costs. AXA Art Insurance estimates that immediate action can save collectors up to 80 percent of potential losses incurred.

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