Advice on Preventive Conservation Measures



reventive conservation entails taking measures that prevent or reduce potential damage to works of art. In practical terms, attention is paid to all aspects of handling, packing, storage and display conditions of a singular painting, as well the collection as a whole.

If done well, preventive conservation helps to extend the ‘life’ and safeguard the estimated value of a painting or collection by reducing the likelihood of accidental damage and subsequent need for restoration interventions. Sofrino will always do a proper cost benefit analysis to maximize the cost effectiveness of proposed measures. Development of a comprehensive strategy will involve:

  • Identification of all possible deterioration factors and associated risks
  • Ranking of risk factors according to level of importance
  • If necessary, consistent environmental monitoring for temperature, relative humidity, and light levels in storage, exhibit, and work-processing areas
  • If necessary, development and application of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program