P. Brueghel II



  • Services provided

    Authentication, appraisal, condition report, proposal for restoration, collection management advice
  • Painter

    P. Brueghel II
  • Title of painting

    Winter landscape with skaters and bird trap
  • Date

    1560 – 1570
  • Location of painting

  • Type of owner

    Private collector
  • Project status

  • Restoration

    An initial examination was undertaken in order to establish the condition of the painting, its authenticity, and provide advice on immediate preventive conservation treatments. Furthermore, proposals were made involving minimal restoration interventions to prepare the painting for future exhibitions and loans.


The ¨Winter landscape with bird trap¨ is considered to be one of the most famous images of winter. The composition features a frozen river winding its way through a snow-clad Brabant village, set against a winter landscape with trees. Figures of old and young are shown going about their business on the frozen banks of the river, and yet the peaceful harmony of existence is tarnished by the presence of a bird trap in the foreground of the painting.

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