Conservation and Restoration of Works on Paper

  • Before-Sepulcre
    Before Sepulcre After
  • Before-sepulcre
    Before sepulcre After
  • Before-xray
    Before xray After
  • Before-sepulcre tear
    After-sepulcre tear
    Before sepulcre tear After
  • Before-Engraving
    Before Engraving After


orks of art on paper tend to be more fragile than paintings and can be easily damaged by extensive exposure to light, water damage and even high relative humidity in storage spaces. As such, etchings, engravings, drawings or sketches are all prone to deterioration of their paper support. Common deterioration phenomena observed with paper are browning, surface wrinkling, crumbling of edges or foxing (brown spots). Sofrino works together with renowned paper restorers in the Brussels and Maastricht areas.