Conservation and Restoration of Polychromed Objects



ld polychromed sculptures, small wooden objects, or large wooden altar pieces suffer substantially over time due to biological contamination and incorrect temperature and relative humidity conditions.  These art works tend to show signs of over-painting, loss of paint or total paint stripping, structural cracks or have simply fallen victim to daily wear and tear and unprofessional repairs and alterations. Sofrino undertakes small commissions in restoration of polychromed objects, such as jewelry boxes or other small objects requiring cleaning, consolidation of the wooden support, retouching of the paint layer, removal of old over paintings (if necessary) as well as pest control.  More complicated projects will be outsourced to a professional specialised in restoration of polychromed wooden sculptures dating from the 15th -18th century.

Restoration of altar pieces is an especially complex undertaking, as it is necessary not just to consider the object itself, but also take into account its rich socio-cultural environment. Proposals for restoration treatments should thus be the result of work of a number of restorers from different disciplines and adoption of a sound methodological approach that considers the object in all its aspects, including the use of different materials, architectural elements, and its social and religious context.