J. Courtois



  • Services provided

    Authentication, appraisal, condition report, full restoration of painting
  • Painter

    Jacques Courtois
  • Title of painting

    Battle between Christians and Saracens
  • Date

    17th Century
  • Location of painting

  • Type of owner

    Gaasbeek Castle museum
  • Project status

    Under treatment
  • Restoration

    The work has suffered aesthetically due to the discoloration of old retouches and yellowing of the varnish. The fragile paint layer will be fixated and lacunes filled and retouched. The stretcher will undergo preventive anti-pest treatment. 

The painting was acquired by the State of Belgium in 1976 for the Gaasbeek Castle Estate museum. The painter, Jacques Courtois, is known for his sizable historical battle scenes. This particular painting depicts the siege of Vienna. 

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