Packaging and Transport


he fragility of a painting is determined by its age and current state, i.e. condition of the support, state of framing, and degree of ageing of the materials used. Each painting requires a tailored transport solution addressing transit climate conditions, shock and vibration protection, packaging case used as well as the operating procedures of the selected courier.

In addition to the physical protection of the painting, it should also be ensured that the materials used for packaging have been tested and are fit for purpose. Some materials that were used in the past are now known to have released chemical compounds such as acids that can damage objects enclosed in them or which are not stable in warmer environments.  This type of internal pollution should of course be avoided at all costs. Paintings both on canvas and panel are made from organic components which should be allowed to ‘breathe’ when packaged.  Creating a unventilated micro-climate within a case or a box might thus damage the work of art. 

Sofrino takes great care in ensuring that materials and procedures used for packaging and transport are in line with those used by major auction houses and fine art centers.