R. Slabbinck



  • Services provided

    Condition report, proposal for restoration, restoration
  • Painter

    Rik Slabbinck
  • Title of painting

  • Date

    Circa 1960
  • Location of painting

  • Type of owner

    Private collector
  • Project status

    First phase completed
  • Restoration

    Weak cohesion between the paint layer and the ground layer is a common phenomenon with Rik Slabbinck’s works. This Nude was also damaged by heat, probably a warm light source, which caused further bubbling and craquele in the paint layer. The Nude was first fixated with synthetic glues applied by hand and a small brush in the cracks and from the back of the painting. Then a low-pressure table was used to consolidate the glue through the paint, ground-layers and canvas.


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